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Recipes, hornbills and websites! Hello from Tiger Rock!
- Published on 2011-02-12 20:20:12

Hello from all of us at Tiger Rock! 

We hope this newsletter finds you well and happy! 2010 has so far, been a busy year for The Tiger Team. We have just completed our brand new website and hope that you will take a look at it. We have also moved with the times and now have our facebook page where we encourage guests to put up their pictures and experiences, or just give their comments and look out for our recipes. 

Mohan and Bavanni and all the team on Pangkor are well. Bavanni and Mohan continue to work together to come up with new dishes for our guests to try but it's still hard to beat the good basics of nasi lemak, chicken curry, the lemon chicken, tempura vegetables and of course, Bavanni's lovely chilly dipping sauce. Bavanni's recipe for tempura vegetables and chilly dipping sauce are below for you to try at home.

We have just opened up for day trips and tiffin curry lunches. This allows guests to invite friends in for the day, or guests at other hotels on the island to experience Tiger Rock. We have also attracted groups of friends from Ipoh and Penang.


Tiger Rock is a great place for celebrations and family get togethers and Mohan and the team have become really great at decorating the pool house with all things natural. I love the woven palm leaves and the coconut flowers, which according to local Indian tradition, form a barrier against any mischievous spirits that may want to put a damper on your party!

We have had lots of rain and the jungle looks amazing with a good cover of foliage and lots of seed. This has brought in lots of birds and our Tiger Rock population of hornbills has grown. They are now coming into the palms at the pool to feed on the ripe red seeds. Our resident flying lemurs(colugos) are also ever present now and we always hear their plaintive calls, like babies crying, in the evenings. The pair of Fish Owls are still around and we are happy to say that there seems to be more greater Argus Pheasant calling(we never see them) around the Studio and Hill House. Also exciting are the pair of Greater Hornbills, really giant things, that are resident now around Tiger Rock. We hear them flying above us before they come into view. Our Towkay geckos continue to grow and the one at main House is a real veteran. He looks completely fake stuck to the wall at the staircase and allows you to take photos of him posing.

The fishing boats at the moment have having good catches especially of the small mackerel like fish (Belaling) which Bavanni stuffs with sambal and deep fries! There have also been very good catches of Pomfret and the waters around Pangkor are sparkling clear, according to Mohan today! He says Pasir Bogah looks "absolutely beautiful!"

On the island the ferry terminal has been 'upgraded' into a slightly spacey looking building which unfortunately, is not designed for practical use. The Open walkways are blocked with parked motorcycles(put there to stay in the shade) making it difficult for everyone to walk, carry luggage or even pass, and on public holidays or long weekends, it is difficult to the extreme as passengers try to get back and forth to the crowded ferries. Other upgrades are also taking place on the main street which now has a shade over the whole street, turning it into a pedestrian mall. I am also distressed to see that Pangkor Island has allowed swiftlet farms into the village areas in new shophouse developments. This is long term, a real health hazard and should not be encouraged in areas of residential or tourist development. We also still, have the problem of rubbish management but there is a new incinerator in place at the main rubbish dump. Unfortunately Pangkor sits right at the Dindings River so the island catches all the rubbish flow after a storm. Unfortunately this is not a problem you can solve overnight but it would be great if the Pangkor Municipal could start with a ban on plastic bags and polysterene!

At Tiger Rock we tend to get cocooned from reality but Mohan and the team have been hiking across to Teluk Secadas at intervals and clearing the beach there of rubbish. This is done obviously, so that are guests are not subjected to too much rubbish on arrival after their own hikes, but it's a thankless job and the beach gets mucky again after the next storm!

Busy now too, is the Makcik who lives next to the fort at the entrance to Tiger Rock. She has been collecting all the Asam Gulugor fruits, slicing them up and drying them on tables. You can see all the neatly arranged slices now when you arrive. These slices are delicious when cooked with fish in a watery soup with onions, tomatoes and red chillies. They give a lovely sour tang to the dish. Talking of fruits, we had a fantastic harvest of durians off our trees, earlier in the year and there are fruit now. Unfortunately the monkeys have been up to their tricks and have twisted off most of the unripe fruit. Such a waste! Still, durian is in season and it's lovely! Rambutans are also around for those who do not succumb to the charms of durian. 

We are looking forward now to a busy summer with lots of guests and I look forward to writing again in the next couple of months, to keep you posted of the latest news at Tiger Rock.


Regards and best wishes from all of us at Tiger Rock. Rebecca

Bavanni's Recipe for Quick Chilly Dipping Sauce: For 3 people.


A good handful of red chillies, sliced in half long ways and deseeded. 

1 clove of garlic

1 slice of ginger

The juice of 3 limes(We use the local limau kasturi which have a special flavour). Note: use juice of 1 lime per person.

1. Put the chillies, garlic and ginger in a blender. Add an expresso cup full of water. Blitz!

2. Take the contents of the blender and pour everything through a sieve, discarding the water. Do not squeeze the pulp, just let the water flow through then put the pulp into a dish. This procedure takes the 'fire' out of the chillies but leaves all the delicate flavours behind.

3. Add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar to taste. Stir and its ready to serve! You can make this in large quantities. Its keeps   refrigerated in a jar for about 5 days.

Bavanni's Recipe for Tempura Vegetables:


Selection of vegetables-eggplant. long beans, okra(ladies fingers), cauliflower. Cut all vegetables into slices are bite size pieces. The amount in the photo serves about 3 people.

1 eggwhite

Tapioca flour

Oil for frying

1. Heat the oil in a wok. Enough for the vegetables to float around in the wok.

2. Put vegetables into bowl. Pour egg white over vegetables and mix gently with your hands.

3. Sprinkle over the tapioca flour in batches. Toss the vegetables in the bowl. Do not use your hands. You want to get a light covering over the vegetables. Keep adding the flour until all are coated but do not let the flour get wet or absorb too much water from the vegetables.

4. Drop the vegetable pieces into the hot oil while the flour is still powdery on the surface of the vegetables. This is the key to the success of this recipe.

5. Stir the vegetables in the oil lightly to keep them moving and afloat.  The cauliflower goes in last. Once the flour batter starts to colour remove all the vegetables in a sieve moving this up and down to drain all the oil from the vegetables.

6. Pour the vegetable tempura onto a platter and serve immediately with the chilly dip.

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Best Regards,

Tiger Rock Team



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