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 Pangkor Island • Malaysia

Dear Rebecca,

We just returned from our holiday in Pangkor, and we would like to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at Tiger Rock. I don¡¯t have to tell you that the resort is a jewel for its setting in the jungle, for the beautiful pool, for your lovely art and the lovely open common spaces, we really enjoyed the open room up the hill in the evenings and in a rainy lazy afternoon, as well as the library and of course the dinning room. It was nice that the way things are set up we were able to interact with other families and exchange experiences, and the children could have fun together. Our children loved the jungle, enjoyed seeing monkeys and spotted one hornbill, and we had a lot of family fun playing tennis (sorry, we left a ball stuck on top of the fence and were unable to bring it down¡­).

But what really made the difference were, as usual, the people, and we have rarely felt as welcome and spoilt as we did in Tiger Rock by Mohan and his team. There was a happy and festive mood the whole time, which did not subside even after the tree branch fell on the kitchen and the whole team was really stressed to get everything back to work properly as soon as possible. Everyone went out of their way to accommodate us, always with a genuine smile. Mohan took us to the nicest beaches, but what we really, really enjoyed was the way he set up the trip around the island, with the introduction to the Chinese and Hindu temple ceremonies. We have seen many temples this trip, coming from Myanmar, but personally experiencing each ceremony was a very different and special thing. And then there was Bavani cooking, and I tell you, we were dreaming of the next day meals the night before. She is a really accomplished chef, and everything we tasted was very fresh, very delicious and felt homely. This is such a rarity to find when travelling.

So we really want to congratulate you, Mohan and the whole team for the lovely and rare place you all made of Tiger Rock Resort. We just wish it was closer!

Our warmest wishes to everyone,

Astrid, Jo0Š0o, Hugo and Rodrigo

Added: September 1, 2010
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Tiger Rock was ravishing. Everything about it was perfection and we could have stayed for months. We have earmarked it as a place where we would like to return with all our kids sometime – and we have become your new Australian Promotions Team!! The walk to our bedroom through the library, and then the house, and then more stairs, was magical. The sense of wonder, anticipation, surprise and delight at every turn made the climb to the top worth it every single time. And I could have stayed in the shower forever! It brought to mind the old Vetruvian architectural principles of “commodity, firmness and delight”.

Added: June 16, 2010
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