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  Lizards at Tiger Rock
11 Jun 2010 (3025 days ago)  
Having grown up with the common house lizards, chichaks, geckos, whatever you want to call them, we have all become very attached to all the different lizards we have found on the property. Its hard not to like them when you see them everyday.

Each one has a different personality and sound. When we first moved in to Tiger Rock, the boys had a few jars of fighting fish in the Main House TV area, just kept on the floor. A small baby towkay gecko used to always climb onto the glass jars, fascinated by the fish inside, and he would watch them and occasionally snap at them as they moved. As this gecko got larger he used to stay on the floor around us as we lay in front of the telly, and he would catch insects as they fell on the floor. He eventually graduated to actually climbing onto the TV screen where he would wait for insects who would be attracted to the light of the screen, and he would pounce on them and crunch them up as we watched our favourite programmes.

This gecko has stayed in the house, all these years and he does make quite a noise. Guests can see him often, as they go to bed, because he will be stuck to the wall near the staircase. He is large, well over a foot long with the most amazing markings, a mini dinosaur, and we think he is great.

We have the common house chichaks, the towkay gecko's, the skinny green lizards,

Kuhls flying gecko(which is very unusual and not often seen)

, Draco, the flying lizard

, the small sun lizard,

and the monitor lizards. The Pool House chicaks are very entertaining and they spend their evenings in the lanterns catching insects.

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