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  Animals at Tiger Rock
11 Jun 2010 (2935 days ago)  
Tiger Rock is right in the middle of the jungle and people often assume that because we are, animals will be all over the place and it will be very easy to see them. However, in the rainforest, this is very much the opposite. Unlike in places like Africa, where animals are very visible on the grasslands, in the rainforest animals, just 'disappear'. Pangkor is a small island and so there are no big mammals living in the jungle here, despite rumours of black panther and bear. For us, this rumour was put to rest when we discovered that Pangkor is home to the binturong, the bear civet. Unfortunately we have no pictures of this creature except for photos we tok of one that we found killed on the side of the road by a car or passing motorbike. This was a shame as it was a male in fantastic condition. Binturongs are nocturnal, spend a lot of time in the trees, are black and hairy, quite large and have a prehensile tail. They are odd creatures but look very much like bears and on the grind could be mistaken for a large black cat.

There are wild boar and you hear them at night snuffling around digging for beetles. When the rubber trees are all seeding you hear them crunching all the seeds and during durian season, well, they totally eat up all the best fruit that have dropped during the night!

The musang, common palm civet, monitor lizard, flying lemur can be seen around the property at different times. More often than not we hear them all and when we try to find them it is near impossible. Most times you just need to be lucky and have them come to you… the time the flying lemur or colugo flew on the pillars at Hill House in front of surprised guests and onto the upstairs pillar at Main House, which freaked out my mother in law!

The towkay geckos are in every house and they do make a noise. A couple of them are large and guests have actually thought that they are decorations we put on the wall because they remain extremely still. Once you get over the size of them they are actually very attractive, not cute, but cool creatures!

For some reason our tennis court is a real draw for the animals around us. The wills boar, given a chance and if they push their way under the fence, lie on it at night, because of the warmth it gives off, the monitor lizard does the same. The lovely land tortoise obviously just came upon it on its travels and so w could get a good look and the python, well, it got tangled in the nets Mohan and Bavanni put around the vegetables. The hornbill took advantage of the dog food and Mohan put a dish out for it on the court to keep the dogs from attacking it. The tennis court is just a good open space and makes anything on it very visible!

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