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Make Bavanni's Tomato Chutney!
~ 05 Jul 2010 (3001 days ago)

A taste of Tiger Rock from your own kitchen. Here's the recipe for Bavanni's scrummy tomato chutney. Great with a curry, a nan or roti, or just plain rice, this recipe takes just 5 minutes to complete! Have a go!

For 2 or 3 people. Ingredients: 3 tomatoes, blanced in boiling water and skins peeled off. Chopped into quarters. 2 onions sliced finely and chopped. 1 small handful curry leaves. 1 teaspoon mustard seeds. 1 teaspoon chilly powder. Sugar and salt to taste. 2 teaspoons cooking oil.

Heat oil in pan and add mustard seeds. Stir until they pop in the hot oil.

Add the curry leaves and stir until fragrant.

Add onions and stir until fragrant and softened.

Add tomatoes and st... more

Lizards at Tiger Rock
~ 11 Jun 2010 (3025 days ago)

Having grown up with the common house lizards, chichaks, geckos, whatever you want to call them, we have all become very attached to all the different lizards we have found on the property. Its hard not to like them when you see them everyday.

Each one has a different personality and sound. When we first moved in to Tiger Rock, the boys had a few jars of fighting fish in the Main House TV area, just kept on the floor. A small baby towkay gecko used to always climb onto the glass jars, fascinated by the fish inside, and he would watch them and occasionally snap at them as they moved. As this gecko got larger he used to stay on the floor around us as we lay in front of the telly, and he would catch insects as they fell on the floor.... more

Animals at Tiger Rock
~ 11 Jun 2010 (3025 days ago)

Tiger Rock is right in the middle of the jungle and people often assume that because we are, animals will be all over the place and it will be very easy to see them. However, in the rainforest, this is very much the opposite. Unlike in places like Africa, where animals are very visible on the grasslands, in the rainforest animals, just 'disappear'. Pangkor is a small island and so there are no big mammals living in the jungle here, despite rumours of black panther and bear. For us, this rumour was put to rest when we discovered that Pangkor is home to the binturong, the bear civet. Unfortunately we have no pictures of this creature except for photos we tok of one that we found killed on the side of the road by a car or passing motorbike. Th... more

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