Pangkor Island • Malaysia

Main House 3 houses are available for private rental. The houses have their own living and dining areas (the Studio shares those of the Main House). In addition they share a large library pavilion below the Main House, and the fantastic pool and Pool House which is fabulously situated with views over the bamboo and jungle. The Pool House is the heart and meeting place at Tiger Rock and becomes the central dining area when all houses are in use. It is stunning at night when candlelit for barbeques and seafood dinners.

The Main House

The Wilkinson family’s private house is available as a whole. This is a large colorful, rambling, wooden house built around the traditional kampung style, and is perfect for a family holiday. Master bedroom and balcony, and large children’s room, both with ensuite bathrooms. Rooms are fitted with both fans and air conditioning. The living areas include great spaces for dining, relaxing and playing. Satellite T.V. is fitted and is a useful distraction at times, for the children.

The Studio

Previously Rebecca’s workplace, is situated behind the Main House. A great airy space with lots of French doors and a funky ‘rock’ bathroom. For larger family groups it becomes part of the Main House, but is lovely for couples who want privacy. French doors open onto a private lawn with wonderful views over the valley and jungle. In the mornings, it is a bliss to open all the doors, lie in bed and snooze with the jungle in front of you.

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